Greenland Systems is a technology focused manufacturing company with over twenty five years experience in design and manufacture of engineering products for industrial, commercial and medical applications. 

Our long-term company policy remains that of maintaining an uncompromising quality and reliability of all our products. Therefore our products are of fundamentally solid engineering design. Prior to market release, our products are subjected to rigorous long-term evaluation to ensure life-long trouble-free operation . 

Because we are an innovative company, we believe that research and innovation are the soul and driving force of our business. Several innovative solutions developed by our company and related to Solar Heating are subject to Australian and to International Patent Protection.

  1. Our Products and Services:
  2.    Industrial and Commercial solar thermal energy projects.
  3.    Domestic solar water heating product.
  4.    Sustainable energy application research.
  5.    R & D in high quality thermaldynamic solar energy applications.
  6.    Design and manufacture of special control systems for Industrial, Medical and other  Applications

Under the new CER (Clean Energy Regulator) methodology, Greenland Systems Solar Water Heaters have qualified for increased STC entitlement.

Yes, this is right, under the new CER methodlogy, many solar hot water heaters on the market obtained lower STCs than before.

Under the current climate change policy, and with the costs of conventional energy in a steady and steep increase, manufacturing companies are searching for viable renewable enegy solutions which are suitable for their manufacturing processes.

We are currently working on several very large scale solar thermal projects for local and overseas clients. Recently we have developed our GLX100 - Orange Series Solar Collector, our response to this market requirement.


GLS completed the high temperature GLX 100-16 Orange series reserch and development. GLX 100-16 Orange series can provide high quality heat for many industrial applications.

GLX Greenland Systems Orange Series full vacuum single glass solar collector delivers unmatched performance while retaining the convenience and other benefits of a heatpipe design. GLX is the result of our highly-focused five-year R&D endeavour.

In the realm of industrial heat, high load temperatures in the range from 90 to 160 degrees Celsius are commonly required. Furthermore, solar energy in most geographic locations with high population density and high demand for industrial heat comes from diffuse solar irradiation for much of the year. Such is the situation in Australia and even more so worldwide. This climatic condition largely prevents a viable deployment of solar concentrators.

Under these circumstances, a highly efficient non-concentrated solar collector remains the only viable option for delivery of high quality heat.

We expect that Greenland Systems GLX Series solar collector will become a collector of choice where high temperature output and high rate of thermal efficiency in cold climates are demanded.

Greenland Systems GLX Orange Series Solar Collector will increase the application range of viable solar thermal power utilisation significantly, both geographically and in terms of application possibilities. Please read the following link for detail information.