The key componet of a Greenland Systems Solar Collector is its Solar Tube. GLS Solar Tube is manufactured by a unique construction method and from quality materails, setting it apart from "general purpose" Evacuated Tubes

GLS Tube

GLS solar absorber is made from highest quality Tinox (made in Germany) selective coating on electrolytically-pure copper substrate. This absorber can withstand long term exposure to extreme temperatures of 450 degrees Celsius without suffering any performance loss - this is far higher temperature than the absorber will ever be exposed to in its service life. Tinox features the highest index of solar absorption and lowest index of solar emittance among selective coating on this solar market at the current level of technology

Heat pipe in the centre of solar absorber provides fast response heat transfer to the condenser

The solar absorber and the heat pipe are sonically welded for most efficient heat transfer. Efficient heat transfer means that the absorber can operate just a few degrees above the operating temperature of the heated fluid even at full power delivery. Lowest possible absorber temperature reduces the collector's heat emittance losses and increases the heating power delivered to the heated load accordingly. Inadequate heat transfer mechanism is one of the major sources of low thermal efficiency of many solar collectors currently on the market

High strength thermally treated Boron Glass of generous 3 mm wall thickness, combined with large profile tube geometry means that GLS Vacuum Tube can withstand the harshest operating conditions: heavy hail, heavy snow load, extreme wind load and repated thermal shocks.

A quick glance of most common "evacuated solar tube" (Slip-On style, also know as "tube in a tube" design):

Slip-On Tube
This is the most common "evacuated tube" construction. As the saying goes, one picture tells more than a thousand words
  1. this tube's working principle sequence:
  2. 1. Solar irradiation is absorbed by the absorbing coating on the outer surface of the inner glass tube wall
  3. 2. Absorbed heat must then travel thru the glass wall of the inner tube
  4. 3. Alumium foil passes heat from the inner-most glass wall at the source side to the heat pipe at the load side
  5. 4. Heatpipe then passes heat to the condenser

Header Box

Greenland Systems Header Box is made from extruded aluminium with electro-phoresis surface treatment. Advanced manufacturing process ensures the integrity and same lifetime-long high quality finish of the header box.

Quality Insulation

Solar Header Box - Duplex Insulation

Duplex thermal insulation for minimum heat loss and long life under all service conditions

The inner insulation layer can permanently withstand in excess of 400 degrees Celsius, always protecting the outer insulation layer even under long term stagnation under harshest conditions

Outer insulation with low thermal conductivity provides superior heat retention


Solar Knight: Greenland Systems Solar Controller

Australian designed and made by Greenland Systems. Simple to operate, with very elaborate operating algorithm providing reliable and intelligent operation of the Solar Water Heater under all operating conditions

Highest quality Class A Pt1000 temperature sensors are encapsulated in a Stainless Steel body, and connected via steel-braided teflon wires, with teflon outer sheath. No chance for rodent-damage here! Sensors connect to the controller via mil-specs water-proof connectors. The two sensors can not be transposed or mis-connected. If you want to buy one of these Solar Knights for your system - sorry, Solar Knight is only available to GLS customers. Ever heard Leica making lenses for Nikons ?

Greenland Systems Solar Collectros have been installed in many applications other than heating service water.


Commercial Building Space Heating and Cooling

Thermal power supply from Greenland System Solar Field to High Efficiency solar chillers


Steam generation, Sanitation processes, Boiler feed water pre-heating

For this type of "High Quality Thermal Energy" demand, Greenland Systems GLX100 family (Orange Series) is the collector of choice.


Food/Dairy Industries

Service Temperature Range for this type of application is typically around 125 degC. Greenland Systems GL 100-16-A (Green Seriers) is a good choice. In locations with poor solar input or in very cold climates, GLX ( Orange Series ) can be a more appropriate choice.

Green House

Industrial Heating and Drying processes, Greenhouses

Process Drying is an extremely energy hungry process, accounting for about 15% of all energy consumption, thus contributing significantly to the operating costs and to environmental impact.

Greenland Systems Team ( well, not quite the Apple Bar Genius ) with good knowledge of this field, and with a sound grasp of solar energy field can provide you with sound advice on solar heating and dehumidification processes.

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Waste Handling

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Water Purification

Use of the enadless solar thermal energy for water purification is very promising. For example, Maulti-effect evapration water purification, Membrance Distillration, etc can be supported viably from Solar Thermal Energy

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