Greenland Systems Solar Collectors are Commercial / Industrial grade devices, designed to meet very specific demands placed upon the solar collector operating in a large scale solar thermal installation:

  1.    excellent all-climate performance

  2.    robust construction, high impact resistance

  3.    low hydraulic pressure drop - important for use in large systems

  4.    very easy installation

  5.    very long life with almost no maintenance needed

  6.    ability to deliver high thermal power output at very high load temperatures and in most extreme climatic condition

  7.    wind load tested in the Wind Tunnel at wind velocity of 180 km/h

  8.    snow load support capability in excess of 560 KG

Greenland Solar Collectors have been installed in many medium and large projects in Australian and in Europe.

     Our Projects Cover supply of solar heat for:

  1.    Large Scale Industrial Processes

  2.    Agriculture and Food Processing

  3.    Commercial Space Heating and Cooling

  4.    Swimming and Therapy Pools

  5.    Steam Generation

  6.    Bulk Matter Drying and Space Dehumidification

  7.    Waste Treatment

  8.    Steam Boiler Feed Water Heating

Project Examples

Echuca Regional Health Service. Installed Solar Thermal Output Capacity 290kW

ANU Campus Space Heating. Solar Thermal Power 340kW

RMIT Solar High Temperature Project, Stage One

Solar Hot Water Service for 120 single bedroom Apartments

    Five Easy Steps to Build Your Large Scale Solar Heating System

  1. 1. Determine your thermal energy usage pattern (hot water usage daily requiremnt, temperature, etc.).
  2. 2. For existing hot water systems note your exisiting system configuration.
  3. 3. Let us know your location. We need this to calculate the available solar energy and other climatic factors in your area.
  4. 4. Our engineer will calculate your optimum system size and configuration.
  5. 5. Your large scale solar system may qualify for a government subsidy. Please feel free to ask our assistance.
  6. Greenland Systems can help you with some dynamic system suggestion.
  7. For Specific Project Enquiry Please Submit "Preliminary Form for Project"