About Us

Greenland Systems specialises in providing bespoke renewable thermal energy solutions for the Industrial and Commercial and Medical sectors.

We have over 30 years’ experience serving the Industrial, Commercial and Medical industries in designing, developing, and manufacturing sustainable engineering products.

Ever present increases in energy prices are causing Industrial and Commercial businesses to consider alternatives to the status quo. That’s why we believe renewable process heat solutions are the future.

Greenland Systems’ mission is to help Industrial and Commercial businesses improve their triple bottom line by reducing the carbon intensity of their thermal energy systems while lowering operating costs


Our long-term working relationships with industry partners has resulted in identifying a market gap for simple, practical and reliable renewable thermal energy solutions for applications between 80 and 200 degrees Celsius.


Greenland Systems was established to solve this industry problem. We create high temperature, large-scale thermal energy solutions that involves collaboration with your team of professional engineers to create bespoke solutions. In addition, our commercial focus ensures a substantial return on investment for you.

When you partner with us we’ll engineer your bespoke solar thermal energy solution for site-specific conditions, utilising our technical innovation, engineering, and commercial expertise.

In addition, we have taken the innovative technology used for Industrial and Commercial systems to create standard “off the shelf” packages for Light Commercial applications.

We guarantee our products and systems are of world-class quality standards as they have been tested and certified through Australian and International Organisations, as well as being protected by numerous International Patents.

We look forward to working with you to create a bespoke high temperature renewable solution specified to meet your requirements. A simple, reliable, sustainable solution that requires minimal maintenance, and provides you a substantial return on investment.


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