Greenland Systems was established to fill a gap in the market to provide bespoke high temperature, large-scale renewable thermal energy solutions for the Industrial and Commercial sector. Based on our long-term working relationships, we identified a lack of viable renewable energy solutions for processes up to 200 degrees Celsius.


Technology Capability

When it comes to reducing fossil fuel dependence for thermal processes, there is few renewable technologies capable of reliably delivering high temperatures, in a range of climatic conditions.

The solution? Integrated and bespoke solar thermal equipment, utilising key features of advanced evacuated tube and heat pipe design principles, combined with world-class Tinox absorber technology.

The key attributes of our technology means your project benefits from superior efficiency and high temperature capability, previously only possible with complex concentrated mirrored systems, while retaining the reliable simplicity associated with traditional type solar water heaters.

In essence, Greenland Systems technology seamlessly combines the ideal features of a simple, static, planar solar field design and the high end capability of concentrators, without any shortcomings.

Project Design & Development Capability 

This starts with understanding and defining the thermal requirements for your application. We consider the technical possibilities prior to providing an engineered solution, taking into account site objectives. We ensure the solar field functions totally independent of your existing operation; it is absolutely imperative to us that your production process remains uninterrupted at all times.

As each project is unique, Greenland Systems designs and delivers a customised solution. We work collaboratively with you to meet your project requirements in order to enhance the technical, environmental and financial benefits of the renewable thermal energy project. Combining these three criteria is part of our value-add design process.

Economic outcomes are a critical factor. For suitable projects, we arrange zero capital finance solutions, resulting in immediate savings and value creation.

If you would like to discuss a design solution that excels in operation, increases plant revenue and contributes to a greener future, then ask us how below.