Australian National University Biology Department

Customer Segment

Project Snapshot


The Australian National University is a leader in sustainability research and education.  The University Solar Thermal Group, in conjunction with the Biology Department identified an opportunity to simultaneously integrate a low load solar water heater, while also providing a teaching resource. 

The 340KW solar field utilizing Greenland Systems Advanced Evacuated Tubes was the largest field of its type in Australia at the time of commissioning.

The field demonstrates the low fluid pumping pressures that intelligent design can achieve via indirect tube systems on large solar thermal fields.


Project Description

The field has been designed to provide 80-90C water to the campus reticulated building heating services water. Additionally, heat exchangers supply thermal energy from the system to central hot water tanks when the solar input is greater than the heating load (e.g. summer). Multiple sensors, and system controllers in conjunction with hydraulic pumps manage the energy flow.