Technical Information

This section outlines the technology and key features Greenland Systems uses to provide bespoke, integrated renewable thermal energy solutions for the Industrial and Commercial sectors.

Greenland Systems Industrial grade solar technology improves upon the desirable features of traditional domestic solar water heaters in order to achieve the ultra-high temperatures required by process industries. These high temperatures (>100 degrees C) were not previously practical outside of concentrating systems.

However, our totally stationary technology is more readily suited to industrial applications due to operating in a more effective manner than high-temperature parabolic trough collectors. The limitations of high-temperature parabolic trough collectors include:

  • require high degrees of concentration to achieve the temperatures necessary for Industrial applications
  • requirement to track the sun to align the trough results in additional mechanical complexity and costly lifecycle operation and maintenance
  • use of large mirrors is problematic in strong wind regions
We have developed a solution which avoids the limitations typically inherent of both technology types.

Premium design features

Greenland Systems provides a unique solution with the following design attributes:
  • static design with no moving parts resulting in a robust, reliable and maintenance free solution
  • ability to utilise direct and diffused sunlight through use of premium German Engineered Tinox absorber technology
  • use of high quality materials suitable for prolonged exposure above 350 degrees Celsius with no degradation
  • all working parts contained in a near total vacuum, with patented “heat shield” ensures ultra-high temperature performance
  • tested to withstand extreme hail events 3.4x above Australian & International Standards
  • wind tunnel tested to withstand a Category 4 cyclone (180 km/h) due to tough construction and design which provides wind egress
  • no regular cleaning required as collector makes use of diffuse light while nano-coated glass treatment repels dust
  • designed to operate down to -60 degrees Celsius with no loss in performance
  • designed to a 40+ year reliable service life, backed by our 12-year warranty

Our 2 key design elements are incorporated in all of our products:

  1. All ‘hot’ working parts contained within a near total vacuum, and
  2. Patented “heat shield” technology,

This ensures that convective, conductive and emissive losses are absolutely minimised.

This results in our premium, industrial grade GLX100-HT solar collector having a stagnation temperature exceeding 350 degrees Celsius.

The entirely enclosed design also ensures no possibility of corrosion to the working parts, unlike generic ‘domestic grade’ twin wall evacuated tubes.



Our focus has been to engineer an industrial grade collector with high thermal efficiency and heat transfer. This is why our GLX evacuated tubes are far superior to the generic "twin wall" design, which suffer higher thermal losses due to the need to pass solar energy through multiple glass and aluminium layers while exposing the heat pipe to ambient conditions.

The Greenland System Solar Tube is manufactured using high strength, heat treated 3.0mm boron glass, using the heat pipe principle. The German Engineered Tinox fin is sonically welded to the heat pipe, for optimum heat transfer. The header design ensures low fluid pressure drop in large fields, while allowing for hydraulic separation and multiple fail safe systems to be built in.




Superior performance in all conditions

The enhanced performance curve means a superior energy yield for all application temperatures, in all climates and in both direct and diffuse sunlight.

For example at an operating temperature of 150 degrees Celsius, the GLX100-HT collector provides 5x more annual thermal energy compared to standard evacuated tubes, and 2x more than for systems comprising evacuated tubes with CPC reflectors.

The increased high temperature efficiency and superior annual yield of the GLX100 system results in the lowest possible $/Watt and $/MWh of heat delivery.

As highlighted to the right, Greenland Systems technology combines the ideal features of a simple, static, planar solar field design and the high-end capability of concentrators, without any of the inherent limitations.



annual thermal yield

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